Our Christmas Picks 2020

Our Christmas Picks 2020

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Put your tree up or don’t put your tree up that is the BIG question of 2020!? We say, do what makes you happy, and if that is dressing the home from top to bottom in tinsel in September then DO IT! Life is way too short to be worrying about what other people think about how you dress YOUR house and spend YOUR money. Stick some Michael Bublé on, open that tin of Cadbury Heroes and drink your body weight in Mulled Wine… Ladies and Gentleman… Santa is on his way!!

We have pulled together the best of this years Christmas offerings from The White Company, M&S and John Lewis to name a few, hopefully, it saves you from scrolling through their websites looking for the best bits, as we have done it for you!

We have broken down all these Christmas delights by theme, all of which we either have or would have in our home – if only we could have five different trees (goes off to check for extra room in the house!). These looks are here to stay so you won’t need to chop and change your baubles every year and as I always say to Ian – you can never have too many Christmas decorations!

Also, you will find some gift wrap and ribbon suggests towards the end of this post to help harmonise your gift wrap to your tree decor!

We won’t be telling you how to wrap lights – we will leave that to the experts – but if you’re struggling, I will send Ian round, just make sure you have an Espresso Martini waiting for him and if he is slacking, give me a call and I will give him a kick up the bum!

Christmas Must Haves

Christmas décor isn’t just about the tree, its about all the extra little touches around the home to remind you to be nice (otherwise Santa won’t come). Cushions, Throws and Garlands are so important if you want to take your Christmas décor to the next level. Also, things like Tree Skirts really help finish off your tree and hide any ugly stands that hold your tree in place.

Blues / Dark Tones

We love the cool tones used here, blue is a great colour that can be mixed with lots of other colours to really create a stunning tree. You can add Gold/Amber/Bronzed baubles to help break up the blue and make it stand out even more. Blue, White and Silver also work really well as a combination.


Gold adds warmth to your home and always looks spectacular. To make this theme a serious showstopper, add some neutral skandi inspired baubles like wooden stars or softer whites that almost look silver in some lights.

Red and Green

The classic Christmas colours that we can all resonate with – it adds seasonal colour to your home and there is always such a great selection in the shops to choose from. Red and White also works really well as a combination – add a snowy backdrop and you have the perfect Christmas scene!

White, Silver and Glass

The classy look of White, Silver and Glass (or Clear depending what shop you’re in) adds elegance and subtlety to your home. The White Company nail this theme year after year. To create this look – keep it simple – the message here is less is definitely more!


There are no rules here, the tackier the decoration, the better! Opt for the brightest of colours and just go all out! Buy decorations that make you smile or remind you of someone dear. Don’t hold back and go for it!

Gift-Wrap and Ribbon

If you’re like us, you will want to match your Christmas wrapping paper to your tree, here are some options for creating that perfect look!


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