Our M&S Christmas Must Haves

Our M&S Christmas Must Haves

Finally, the dust has settled, the trees are up and we have them all decorated! We got the chance to work with Marks & Spencer this year and use their amazing collection of Christmas Decorations and Accessories within our home. Their themes have tied in perfectly with our newly renovated Dining/Living Room and also our recently re-decorated Kitchen… to be honest, they have something to match everyone’s home décor – whether you want to go with a more muted palette or use every colour in the rainbow – there is so much to choose from!

All of the tree decorations, gift wrap and accessories in the following pics are from M&S.

Our Kitchen – we went with Silver, Green and White as our theme in this room.

I have linked some of the items available online, however, a lot of the items we purchased are available in-store only, so get yourself to your local M&S and take a look.

The following decorations can be ordered online:

12 Silver Green Shatterproof Baubles

3 Pack Large Silver Glitter Baubles


4 Silver & White Indian Glass Baubles

I’m interested to know who decorates the tree in your home? Is it something you do together as a family or is the CEO of the household the person that takes charge?

This might be a controversial one – and I fear I might be a present or two lighter this year – but my Mum would never let us decorate the Christmas Tree. This was her job and she wanted it to look perfect. I remember handing her baubles only to be told she wasn’t ready for that bauble yet and to put it back on the table carefully so we didn’t break it. Classic Mum. She is probably reading this hating the fact I am writing about it as I am probably not painting her in the best light (she is the most amazing Mum by the way – take a look at her Instagram account if you don’t believe me) but as an adult, with my own home and in a position to decorate my own tree…. I get it! I wouldn’t have let me or my sister near that tree either, just like I don’t let Ian near ours. It takes time, focus and a lot of effort to get that tree looking near to perfect. I’ve just realised while typing this, I’ve basically turned into my Mother. She’s awesome though remember so I’m down with that.

What’s your rule of thumb with decorating the tree, does it all have to be in three’s, odd numbers in general or is it anything goes?

In the Dining Room, we went with a Gold and Bronze theme.

Small Wire & Glass Star Tea Light

4 Gold & Copper Indian Glass Baubles

3 Pack Copper Bell Star Baubles

Metal Wire Star Tree Topper

6 Pack Copper Swirl Glass Baubles

3 Pack Gold Star Baubles


We hope you like our choices this year, remember to let us know what you think in the comments section.

Enjoy decorating those trees and if you use any of the Marks and Spencer ‘Christmas Must Haves’ this year tag us on Instagram and Marks & Spencer Home PR using the hashtag #MyChristmasMustHaves – we would love to see them in all their glory!


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  1. Patty Barton Watt
    December 8, 2018 / 3:56 pm

    Your trees are gorgeous Ross. I was the decorator of our trees! My kids helped when they were young. Sort of. I let them hang the ornaments (we don’t call them baubles in canada but I like that term!) where they wanted. Then I changed them later to where I wanted them when they were asleep. Does that make me a bad mom? Lol. As they got older they noticed this but now they just tease me about it. My daughter has become like me I think and is also particular about her tree decorating. 🙂

    I prefer odd numbers of decorations and try to spread them out in a balanced way but not too “matchy matchy” if that makes sense? I change things up every year with different ribbons usually depending on what’s trending and/or if I just want a change.

    I have been buying my kids a new ornament every year since they were younger so now they each have quite a selection for their own trees. They are both grown with their own homes now but I still buy them each a new ornament and try to pick something that matches their own taste. (But sometimes it is my taste! Lol)

    Merry Christmas to you and Ian!

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